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Free-Way Academy Innovation for Human

World changes, people change, retail changes. Training must also take part in change and renovate.

Evolutive Training

Today retail is the theater of experience and promoters can make a difference in People’s Shopper Experience: promoters have the opportunity to create relationships and dialogue with the consumer.

That is why we developed an Evolutive Training method: dedicated to retail resource, this course is centered on the most innovative communication and interaction techniques.

Lezioni frontali

Frontal Lessons

Trainings are performed by trained and certified speakers.

Esercitazioni in Aula

Classroom Exercises

During the training exercises are performed to help understanding.

Role Playing

Role Playing

The roleplaying exercises help to contextualize the exposed concepts.

Free-Way Learning

Free-Way Learning is the online platform dedicated to staff technical training about product and brand.

​Content is agreed with the brand and designed by the Free-Way instructional design team.​

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Our Technical Marketing Staff are constantly training and upgrading staff in stores. To ensure fast and timely training, we organize Webinars and One2One Online Training sessions through Cisco Webex: if the world changes fast we’ll be ready to run.



Interactive online lesson using online platforms.

Lezioni online One2One

Online Lessons One2One

Individual lessons tailored through online platforms.

Materiali Video

Video Materials

Training by viewing explanatory material in multimedia format.