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Innovation for Brands

Our Field and Trade Marketing solutions are based on years of experience, they are perfect for every brand’s needs

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Sell Out Solution

In store promotion

Promoters are the key field resource for pushing sell out. Through, we select the most skilled staff and manage all the reports. We organize on and off line trainings about product specifications, sales techniques and promotion modalities. We realease quality data


Through a national presence and innovative survey tools, our dedicated merchandiser team offers an accurate survey data activity, with special attention to exposition areas, training and reporting and they guarantee solutions to business changes.

Tactical Merchandising

Free-Way Net is the Free-Way network created to carry out all tactical merchandising activities. A network of qualified merchandisers, always available; they can be activated quickly on the main Italian chains. The optimal solution to boost coverage in peak seasons for positioning POP materials, making data surveys, doing 1-to-1 training and visual actions.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are aimed at pushing the sell out. They interface directly with the stores to monitor and manage visual and product promotion actions. Furthermore, they carry out training activities for promoters and retail sales force. They also veruy the sales rotation.

Staff training

Our Technical Marketing team trains store staff through offline lessons, Webinars and One2One sessions. Review days about products and commercial strategies are fundamental element for great sell out performances.

Mystery Client

Our Mystery Client service provides reports about store staff skills in selling, sharing brand values and problem solving. They also provide information on brand perceptions. These data are an important tool for discovering critical info on your activities.

Sales & Digital promotion


The Sales campaign that allows our Client to establish a relationship with consumer. According to the redemption concept, the post-purchase discount is credited directly to the customers that register on the promotional website. We handle the legal and logistical part and the redemption.


The Sales campaign that breaks the mistrust of buying. Consumers can try products for a defined number of days and then decide to buy them or get refunded.

Trade In

This kind of Sales Campaign promotes new purchases, while the consumer gets rid of an old product obtaining a direct discount.

Instant Win

Competitions with dedicated platform, responsive site and Facebook App. We handle all the development: concept, web design, rules and PoP materials.

Reward Campaign

The appeal of the prize certainly, in online and offline mode, allows to encourage the sell out and shake the eye to the sell in. We handle all the development of the contest, from concept to web graphics, regulations and POP materials.

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Shopfitting & Retail Design

Brand perception of the brand means visual impact. We design, create, and install personalized branded materials to evaluate brand visibility in store: PoP, display material, desks, totems and promotional islands.
We have experimented clever materials: materials designed by Free-Way that contain a technology capable of detecting presences in the area concerned, dividing them into impressions or engagement. From a connected dashboard it is also possible to see the conversion rate (ratio between impressions and engagement), the most frequented zones and days. A simple and useful tool to get a real idea of ​​the impact of the new product or installed exposure.

Shop in Shop

We create Shop in Shop in key retail shop managing all the organizational chain: space fitting, relationship with hosting retail and fiscal receipts management.

Temporary Shop&Corner

We support our clients organizing temporary flagship stores in important mall and cities. We design out store corners or gallery stands to bring sell out to unconventional places.

Analytics for retail

Our footfall analysis system records real-time consumer staying in store, especially in proximity of promotional islands and exhibition layouts. Thanks to a dashboard, our Clients can monitor performances and consult all the retail analytics, just like a web site.

Sell In Solution

Field Sales Merchandiser

They are evolved merchandisers that operate into the heart of product distribution, in the commercial phase and in negotiations. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the territory and stores, these figures, guided by Free-Way accounts, have a commercial sensitivity useful for choosing the best product to propose as a flyer and for defining goals with the brand, promoting the sell in and the sell out. They also carry out training activities for the retail sales force, distributors and sales agents. The Field Sales Merchandisers also have the task of supporting accounts in the selection and management of promoter staff.

Field Sales

Field Sales operate for sell in improvement with a direct relationship with buyers (GDS, GDO, RETAIL). The team organizes every step of the sales chain: trade marketing activities and visibility, monitoring product rotation and product ordering, achieving sales target, trade marketing and visibility activity.

Loyalty e Incentive B2B

The solution designed to create an open dialog with your customers and increase brand loyalty.

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Out store Activities

Unconventional engagement

We organize amazing Guerrilla activity, Street Marketing and Wom marketing giving an immersive and unconventional brand experience and improving consumer engagement.

Roadshow B2C e B2B

We plan activities and roadshows for new lines of product and promotional occasions. We work on concept, location, transfers, gadget, display materials, catering, light and sound service.


Exhibitions are showcases where companies, brands and distributors meet and interact together. We organize outfitting for our Client in the best exhibitions.


We organize brand events that are real opportunities to present products to specific audience.

Digital Strategy

Web Development

We develop web site designs and structures, graphics and contents thanks to our team of web designers, web developers and copywriters.

Social Media Management

We manage blogs and social media communication, creating publishing plans focused on target and brand identity


Email marketing is fundamental for informing consumers on your new actions or products. We plan dedicated DEM activities designing graphic and content.

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Brand Activation Projects

Brand activation in store has strategic value for increasing awareness, sales and market share. Brand activation projects are designed on the brand needs and may include:

Continuous staff

The beating heart of a brand activation project. Merchandisers, brand ambassadors, sales activators have a strategic role for creating relationship and PR with the channel and giving greater brand commercial competitiveness at the point of sale.

Promoter consumer

To have an active relationship with the consumer in the store, driven to sell out and an incentive to brand awareness, promoters are the strategic figures, prepared resources, able to customize the shopping experience and to provide geo-localized information during the reporting phase.

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DEVA: Online Promoter and Staff Multichannel

Your shoppers and customers can video call our online promoters or online product experts dedicated to your brand, all with a simple click from a web page or eCommerce of your product or service.

Privacy Guaranteed

User side only activates the microphone, while the video camera is activated only on the operator side. No personal contact is required to start the call.

Selection and Training

We select and train omnichannel teams on online sales techniques, web-to-call soft skills and how to best sell your product.

All our Tools

We have developed the best applications
to provide cutting-edge services in Field Marketing


The portal for managing all your field marketing actions: recruitment, management, reporting. An innovative and flexible system for sharing retail feedback based on Client’s information needs.

Free-Way Cares

Time and Attendance application system that enables to control promoters coverage in stores.

Free-Way Learning

Our online training platform: we develop training projects dedicated to sellers, promoters and trade channel.


TeamHaven can be easily integrated into our client’s organisation's IT systems to collect, analyse and manage Merchandising activities data. It uploads their CRM system with the latest feedback from merchandisers.


The online platform that allows sharing and managing commercial budgets from sales channel with our client’s distributors.

Free-Way Analytics

Free-Way Analytics combines data and insight from our other tools and from any other data source of our customers. Everything is visible with simplicity and clarity thanks to an interactive dashboard.

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