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TomTom Trade-In: sat-nav are not died

trade in tom tom

The TomTom Trade-In 2019 is recently ended, exactly on the 30th of June. A campaign where the brand builds customers loyalty on the sound of “we evaluate your old device”.

We can learn a lot from this case history. In fact, we can know that if a sales promotion, in this case a trade-in, it’s built on the real target’s needs it works well and it could be very appreciated from customers. All this means that, therefore, the brand can increase loyalty and sell out.

Why does Trade-In work?

This kind of contest is very useful when the brand wants to boost the sell-out, but the very important feature of the Trade-In relies on his communicative power.

Trade-in doesn’t work on the discount of a new product but rather on the estimated value of the old one. Indeed, the brand recognizes a price for the product that the customer already has and uses. There is a form of respect for this product because if it’s important for the customer it’s important for the brand. How does the brand demonstrate all this? It buys the old device to the customer.

 TomTom case history

Let’s go deep on the TomTom case history. The Trade-In TomTom 2019 focuses on two types of products: TOMTOM RIDER (550 and 500) and TOMTOM GO PROFESSIONAL (6250 and 6200).

The dynamic is very simple and easy to understand. Everyone who buys a sponsored TomTom sat-nav could scrap his own old device sending it to TomTom. In this way, the customer have an economic benefit – 100 euros – directly on his own bank account.

TomTom Trade-In has an add value than every generic contest. It has the big challenge of fixing a problem for who already uses a sat-nav.

As many knows, on 6 April 2019 sat-navs went back of 19,5 weeks. This means that the maps could still work as well but the time references of some sat-nav changed, creating a dysfunction at the device system.

So, in April, GPS users had two way out: they could update their sat-nav or they had to buy a new one.

Although the market is evolved in these years, sat-navs are still used by people, especially from some particular categories, such as who moves by motorbike, camper or tracks, but this sort of millennium bug could have generate a strong disincentive in still using these products in the future.

That’s why TomTom Trade-In has been designed: to manage this annoying problem and make customers’ life easier. Above all, the timing of the contest was perfect because it started the 1st of April 2019, making the sales promotion very appropriate.

As we have already said, the Trade-In rewards the people who bought a new TomTom sat-nav, giving them an award of 100 euros for their old GPS because “your old device has a value”.

Easy, fast, effective. Especially since the management is made by Free-Way.

Our team provided everything needed for the contest: posters, dedicated web site and landing pages, ministerial regulation and, above all, the verification of the old devices to be scrapped with the consequent logistics.

As Andrea Ruggeri, Digital Project Manager Free-Way, explains the promotion was designed to reach a specific target and to reward and retain it. By the target we do not only mean TOMTOM’s clients but sat-nav users in general.

A campaign is strategic if it is studied on a real problem. The results were not long in coming, exceeding the expectations estimated in the project start-up phase. This is because marketing is for people and when promotions are designed on the real people’s needs, then it cannot fail to work. If the project is made by Free-Way, success is guaranteed.

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