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3 types of promoters for your campaign. Choose the best one!

3 categorie di promoter

The store is a theatre of experience and promoters are the main actors on the stage when it comes to the Shopper Experience. These figures maintain and strengthen the relationship between consumer and a brand.

“Are all the promoters the same?” – you may ask. The answer is: definitely not! Everything depends on many factors but the most significant is the promotion purpose.

The starting point of the division is the objective of the promotional activity and therefore the intensity of the training necessary for the promoter. So, we’ve got a promoter dedicated to a simple sell out activities, a promoter who is the brand ambassador and the one, who is consumer-centred.

Keep on reading, if you want to get to know more about each of the role.

The Promoters Spot

As its name indicates, this kind of promoter is the best choice for spot activities, in a limited period. Take a look at holidays period or seasonal event for example.

In that case, promoters are supporting a brand by increasing the shopper experience in-store. In large stores and shopping malls, you can see dedicated staff ready to explain product features to the customers and to encourage them to purchase.

The goal is to increase sell out during some particular days, in a fast and effective way, that is why spot promoters receive swift training about the products.

The Promoters Brand Activator

When the activity becomes more substantial and the time of promotion is longer than just a seasonal event, a promoter is responsible for not only increasing the sell out but also strengthening the brand awareness. That is why a training has to be more complex as well. In that case, e-learning is definitely the most effective tool to reach and train more people from different places at the same time.

Thanks to dedicated online platforms, your company can pass on important knowledge about products and brand mission to the sales force. Take a look at the Free-Way Learning, where the Free-Way team, in direct cooperation with the brand, creates content for the field staff. We transmit all the materials in an easy-to-learn form such as presentations, videos and quizzes.

The secret sauce of this method lies in Gamification. The promoter is stimulated to complete the training by prizes, rewards and the final certificates which engage to take part in a course.

This type of coaching is wider but also just-in-time. It means that the time of the training is structured and the content is loaded on the platform systematically and is ready to use for promoters.

The Promoters Customer Experience Centered

The “customer experience” is the key word in that case. The goal for this promoter is not only increasing sell out and brand awareness but also (and somehow the most important) to become a true face of the brand and maintain a relationship with customers. When the staff is involved in a continuous activity, we talk about a professional profile, which requires a high-level training.

The Free-Way Academy has developed the Evolutive Training method for this kind of purposes. A course is dedicated to operational resources based on the most innovative communication techniques, a customer approach and the usage of applications and platforms necessary during the project.

The first part of the training includes in-store communication with customers. In 75% of cases (sometimes even higher, up to 95%!) the first stimulus, which pushes customer’s attention to the product, comes from the irrational part of the brain. Neuromarketing is the sphere of neuroscience that deals with the study of irrational logic that moves people in their purchasing decisions.

FITO Promoter customer Experience Centered

Promoter Customer Experience Centered for FITO

Nowadays this knowledge is essential for promoters. It gives them a better overview of the importance of in-store communication.

The second step contains tools and reporting training. Promoters gain the knowledge about applications which are required during the promotion. Excel files, online reports, photo galleries, online budgets: these are all aspects which become even more fundamental when talking about ongoing activities.

Then comes the third step, dedicated to technical training. Technical marketing teams share the knowledge about technical specifications and more generally about brand products.

This is how all the tools are given to the promoters, that’s how they turn into the real face of the Brand.

Which of the following promoters is the perfect match for your needs?

English version by Patrycja Okowicka

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