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Pharma retail: the impact of field marketing among pharmacies

By 12 February 2018December 21st, 2018Trend
pharmaretail evoluzione della farmacia
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Lately, the pharmacy channel is evolving constantly and that is why we can even talk about pharma retail. According to the conclusions which have emerged after the recent conference, which took place in Milan, titled “Logica del paziente e logica del profitto. Le società di capitali in farmacia” (Logic of the patient and logic of profit. Corporations in pharmacy sector), organized by the headquarter of Tecniche Nuove, the importance of pharma retail will be increasing in the upcoming years, thanks to the new “Competition Law”, which brings pharmacy into corporate level.

The direct marketing will be one of the most important tool and the communication protagonist, which transforms the relationship doctor-patient into the highest level such as expert-consumer. The main questions about this new approach are:

  • What are the best field marketing levers?
  • Why do the traditional pharmacies evolve into pharma retail perspective?

Keep on reading if you want to get to know the answer!

What are the change factors?

The direction of change will not surprise the sector insiders or those, who operate in the retail and pharma retail environment. Once again, it is the consumer who dictate the terms.

The truth is that nowadays, pharmacy customers are no longer just patients, but rather consumers-patients. They have stopped making purchases in the pharmacy in the passive mode, following blindly the doctor’s instructions. Nowadays, they are active in the creation of their own well-being. Health is nothing but the result generated by taking care of oneself.

What is more, the new type of consumers, looks for programs and product not only strictly related to the medical world but also dermocosmetics or nutrition-related products which are in line with modern lifestyle.

This revolution is also dictated by another increasing phenomenon – the Liquid Consumer Expectation. It means that people expect to undergo the same experience in each sector, which they have already experienced in an off/online channel. Let’s take a look at eCommerce, where you receive advices on purchases based on your previous browsing history. This leads the consumers to look for in pharmacy sector the same personalization as they find on the other channels.

The evolution is even more significant because of the increasing competition on the health market caused by parapharmacies and other large organised distribution.

Without the doubt, the traditional pharmacy sector requires modernisation and a new offer for the more and more demanding clients.

What type of field marketing actions can be implemented in pharma retail strategy?

The pharmacy has to rethink the strategy and implement all of those field marketing methods, which other sectors have already implemented long time ago. What are the obligatory, three activities that pharmacy must put into practice to enter the pharma retail approach?

Logo recognition

The graphic communication is extremely important and has to be recognizable, just like the company itself. Recognition brings a sense of security to the consumer and that is why, clients are more willing to buy those products which seem familiar to them. When it comes to direct marketing, the recognizability of the logo help to catch the eyes through the window and create the consistent totality as a visual layout inside the store. Lights, colors, the choice of materials: everything makes it possible to generate the recognizability of the place in the mind of those who enter.

The design and space organization helps to create a new paths and opportunities for the consumers-patients in order to let them learn about their needs. The visibility of the product is accentuated by breaking the classic entry-counter scheme: small islands dedicated to a type of product, attracting display materials and above all PoP materials that helps consumers to learn about what they are looking for and help them discover what they do not know yet.

Presence of the product

The customer satisfaction is influenced by the product availability – consumers are happy when they find what they look for. It means not only the physical presence of the product on shelf (but this is also extremely important) – the real meaning is to provide a professional service, advices and product specification. It is clear, that exposure care passes from merchandising actions that periodically allow the correct reordering of the linear, refilling the product and the right display information of materials. In pharmacy sector it is also extremely important to provide well-maintained, clean, tidy and above all, informative environment around product.

Product experience during demo days

Unlike parapharmacy and large organised distribution, the pharmacy is associated with the dimension of a place specialized in medical. In fact, pharmacies still remain the only commercial businesses authorized to dispense prescription drugs.

This high level of professionalism and specialization can be benefit for today’s consumer, who comes to the pharmacy not only with the medical recipe in hand but also to look for products for their own well-being. Demo Days with specialists in the field bring closer all the benefits of the product to the consumer, especially when it comes to dermocosmetics or nutrition.

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